Get Online With Magento

It’s probably an understatement to say that most companies are currently faced with a very defining period.

We’re in the eye of the storm and we don’t truly know how long it will last. Some industries will obviously be hit harder than others. Some will recover more quickly, and some will, in fact, thrive.

Ecommerce is one industry that does represent some positivity. Whether you’re 100% eCommerce focused, or it’s a route to market, it represents a way to continue to reach customers, when they’re confined to their homes.

Businesses that supply products and technology for home working are doing well. Exercise and home entertainment products are now further in the spotlight than before along with online delivery services, serving their customers for their favourite foods/drinks safely.

And whilst this is clearly not true for every online business, it does serve as a reminder that there is a real seed of opportunity for many businesses. When the world begins to open its doors for business again, things will be different. And every business will respond differently while the doors are semi-shut. And it’s this response that will be a defining point in the speed and strength of recovery when the storm passes.

It would seem that it’s even more important than ever to make calculated investments where possible to maximise the opportunity that exists in every challenging situation. Cost-effectiveness will be as important as ever, if not more so, with many future investments.

Time to market will also be key in the thinking of any business when considering their options.  Missing the boat would be an even more painful experience if their competitors have acted quickly to steal a march.

With that in mind, Deploy is pleased to launch our Magento Starter Package. Take a good read, we always welcome questions/feedback.

Grant Woolley
Grant Woolley
Grant has been living and breathing eCommerce for the last 12 years building a wealth of knowledge. He is the main voice for Deploy, and you will often bump into him at eCommerce events around the UK. If you see him, grab him, he's always free for a chat.