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Magento Integrations

Seamless integrations with your 3rd party systems can be fundamental to making your online business a success and represent an opportunity to improve efficiency.

Natural problem solvers

Vastly Experienced

Our 10 years in the Magento space has seen us encounter countless 3rd party systems; some are well-known platforms whilst others are industry-specific or custom-built. Either way, we love to solve the challenge of improving business efficiency for our clients.

With the ever-expanding Magento ecosystem and tools such as Zapier, more and more systems can be integrated with Magento with little or no development requirement. For the integrations that this is not possible for, this is where we plug in as an excellent technical partner.

Whether it’s a WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Finance or a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), we have a deep understanding of navigating the path to a seamless integration of systems.

Magento Integrations
Magento Integration

Finding the benefits

Why Integrate?

It’s probably better to ask why not!

We are often tasked with increasing sales, of course! But better integrating internal systems and processes are an amazing opportunity to improve business efficiency. We could save a lot of time and effort by taking a step back and together auditing internal systems to see what we can help to streamline. This can be from the moment products are scanned into the warehouse, through to them being delivered to your customer and beyond.

All the tools of the trade

Our Regular Process

We’ll spare the technical details here, but Magento is a very versatile system and allows us to write integrations in different ways, depending on the requirements and the other systems involved.

The first thing we will do is to create an integration plan which consists of:

  • Analysing current in-place integration and auditing manual processing.
  • Understanding system interdependencies.
  • Mapping Data flow, what data goes where and if any transformation needs to happen to ensure data quality and control policies are met.
  • Frequency of data transfer.
  • Identifying risks and a logging policy to ensure needed visibility monitoring is in place.
How to integrate with Magento
Magento Integration optimisation

Discovering a winning formula

Reliability and Optimisation

With the vast experience and R&D we have invested in over time, we have learned lots of lessons. Some great ways to write integrations, and some things to avoid. These lessons have allowed us to perfect our method for when it matters most. Writing intelligent integrations that significantly impact our client’s operation!

If you already have an existing integration and it’s not as reliable as you need, we would happily conduct a code review/audit to try and identify any possible solutions or improvements.

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Call us: +44 (0)1782 479 363