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User experience is one of the most important factors responsible for an eCommerce store’s ability to transact.

In a world where a visit to a competitor can be one click away, customers need to feel like the website knows, almost intuitively, what they came for and how to get it (in seconds, at most). So the bar has never been higher. 

A visit to your store needs to be informative, logical, influential and emotive. All with minimum effort on the customer’s part, guiding them through a flowing checkout process to a satisfying end. 

As an additional benefit to giving your customers an excellent buying experience, you get the confidence to know that your digital marketing investment won’t be wasted.  

At Deploy, we use a tried and tested combination of process and creativity to design a user experience that your customers enjoy using, time and time again. 

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Magento Web Design

How we approach Magento Design

Commercial Scoping

A strong commercial understanding is essential. We need to understand your business, market, future plans, and how the website fits into them.

Profiles & Personas

Gaining a thorough understanding of your customers is vital. Working together to create key customer profiles and personas. From here we can tailor the UX (User experience) to make sure we hit the spot and convert that prospect into a customer.

Information Architecture

We focus on the core information we want to share with your customers. This helps to highlight gaps in the current data/content set, then we make a plan for its inclusion as part of the project delivery process.​

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Competitor Analysis

Understanding who you compete with and analysing their online offering gives us perspective. It’s a view of what your customers are likely to see and helps us produce an experience that will resonate in your market.

Wireframing Store Structure

The wireframing process is crucial, it gives us the opportunity to focus our attention on the structural aspects of the design, that ultimately your customers will be interacting with. It allows for fast iterations without the subjectiveness of visual artwork.

Technical Scoping

Interactive parts of a user experience are often underpinned by either 3rd party extensions or custom code. So an element of technical scoping is wise as part of the design process.

Search Engine Optimisation

​It’s sensible to include a plan for SEO into the scoping process, as organic visibility is often a huge source of traffic. So we dedicate part of the process to ensuring page layouts, and content sets are supportive of any current visibility or future campaigns to gain it.​

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Designing great user experiences means something different to every business we talk to. So, we love to engage in some open discussion about how we can help you retain your customers and grow your market share through intuitive design.
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Our Magento web design experience is vast.

For an ambitious start-up, first impressions of your brand are key to getting off the ground. For an established market leader, the stakes are the highest due to customer expectation, existing market share and turnover you’ve worked hard to gain.

We’ve been providing Magento web design services for over 12+ years, we’re proud to have successfully worked with clients at both ends of the spectrum, and all points in between, meeting challenges head-on.

We also carry a great experience in a variety of industries, from B2C Luxury Fashion through to Wholesale B2B – And the two approaches couldn’t be more different. In our experience, specific industry experience isn’t always a pre-requisite. A combination of creativity and process underpins our ability to produce a successful user experience for a business and its customers.

And of course, nothing stays the same. So, we’re committed to being around as your market changes, helping to ensure you’re evolving the user experience to meet and exceed customer expectations consistently.

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What our clients say
about our work.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the guys at Deploy. When we asked them to take over, they made that happen quickly and effectively. Communication was superb throughout. A real breath of fresh air. We’ve got real confidence in where they can help us take our online presence. That’s something we’re already working on and we’re looking forward to implementing some fantastic ideas so our customers can get an even better online experience.

Matt Barker

Marketing Manager

I’ve worked closely with the Deploy team for a number of years now and we’ve had some pretty ambitious targets to drive towards along the way. I’m pleased to say that we’ve regularly exceeded our performance targets, and Deploy have played their part in us hitting those targets. We’ve got a great working relationship with a long term road map to work to together. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with them.

Andy Coulter


We’ve worked with Deploy for over 7 years now and this is the 2nd major website development project we’ve worked on together. Once again, it was well-managed, communication was great throughout and we Deploy have played a major role in suggestions for improvement across the site. We’re already seeing the positive impact to key metrics so overall we’re really happy.

Ben McFarlane

Head of Sales & Marketing

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