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Magento Case Study - Acme Whistles

Acme Whistles

Magento 2, B2C, B2B, Integration


Acme Whistles are one of the true success stories in the history of British business.

Founded by Joseph Hudson in 1870 with the invention of the modern whistle (for the London Police) it would be the beginning of a long history of innovation in whistle design and manufacture.

In 2020 ACME celebrate their 150th year with that same mindset of innovation at the core of the business.



The ACME team was keen to ensure that the company provided its ever-broadening spectrum of customers with a smooth, compelling, and appropriate and contemporary online experience. Acme products have subtle but important differences so, for the general public, the experience needed to be informative, easy to navigate, fluent across all devices, and ultimately provide a smooth route to purchase. And around this buying experience, the rich history and brand story needed to be conveyed.

B2B had long been a staple part of the ACME business model and with more and more businesses heading online to purchase, it was important to offer business customers an appropriate experience. And by bringing this online, the end-to-end order processing and fulfillment process would need to be reviewed too.


Beginning the project management process with a thorough discovery phase, we were able to create a detailed picture of the project requirements. We produced wireframes, prototypes and detailed technical explanation of the proposed new site layout, it’s functionality and how it would integrate into the wider business. Specifically, we detailed how the new site would present for B2B customers, with clever use of customer groups, advanced VAT functionality and a product selection process and account area that met a commercial buying style. We also presented our suggestions for an efficient integration with the company accounts platform, meaning vital time could be saved during the order management process internally.

The design phase consisted of detailed mocks up of key pages and features across both mobile and desktop and once approved, we were able to build the front end in line with agreed designs.

We then began back end phase of the project integrating with Magento 2 and developed the necessary custom functionality. What remained was to migrate all customer data as specified and undertake all 3rd party integrations

Finally, we carried out a thorough testing phase to ensure all features and functions worked and ensuring that the various types of orders a customer could place went through the whole process from start to finish seamlessly.

Typography and UI

Acme Typography and UI


B2B, B2C, Integration, Hosting



The site was launched in line with the 150th year celebration, receiving an immediate positive response from customers, which reflected in user stats and other vital metrics ACME tracked. ACME have already experienced:

Increase in conversion
Increase in revenue
Increase in transactions
We’ve worked with Deploy for over 4 years now and this is the 2nd major website development project we’ve worked on together. Once again, it was well-managed, communication was great throughout and we Deploy have played a major role in suggestions for improvement across the site. We’re already seeing the positive impact to key metrics so overall we’re really happy
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Marketing Manager

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