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Triton Showers

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Triton Showers are the UK’s leading shower manufacturer, with products installed across millions of homes up and down the country, Triton continues to lead and innovate in the shower industry.





Triton’s online experience had been increasing in importance steadily over time, as a portal for it’s wide variety of customers to engage with the brand. Whilst Triton still enjoyed great visibility through its vast retail/business partner network, online continued to cement itself as a prominent destination. More and more customers were using the Triton site to help them make purchase decisions, register their products and even purchase online. Tritons partners were also engaging with the site more frequently for useful information.   When Triton first engaged with Deploy they were already in the process of migrating to Magento 2. But the existing Magento store needed solid support and sensible evolution whilst that happened. When progress on the Magento 2 project began to slow and hit difficulties, Triton appointed Deploy to pick up the Magento 2 project and drive it over the line. 



We appointed a delivery team, and the first task was to complete a full audit covering 15 key areas of the project. With this information to hand, we were able to create a completion plan, map out remaining tasks, accurately set deadlines and begin work. We coordinated efforts with the Triton team, working through tasks in an organised and efficient manner and keeping in close communication throughout. A thorough and detailed testing process was then carried out.


Triton’s Magento 2 site was launched smoothly within 8 weeks of Deploy taking over the project. During the initial audit, we highlighted a number of key tasks that were vital to a smooth transition to the new Magento 2 site.  We’re pleased to report the site is performing well and a healthy phase 2 scope of work is already under way to improve the site in key areas.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the guys at Deploy. When we asked them to take over, they made that happen quickly and effectively. Communication was superb throughout. A real breath of fresh air. We’ve got real confidence in where they can help us take our online presence. That’s something we’re already working on and we’re looking forward to implementing some fantastic ideas so our customers can get an even better online experience. 

Matt Barker
Marketing Manager

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Call us: +44 (0)1782 479 363