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Shopify is a fantastic, popular and powerful eCommerce platform that’s growing in popularity every day, and many business owners choose to use it to sell their products and services. With the proper knowledge and the help of an experienced Shopify SEO agency like Deploy eCommerce, your Shopify store will benefit from higher ranking positions in Google through ongoing deep analysis and technical optimisation.

Results-driven Shopify SEO Strategy

Our Shopify SEO services provide a range of professional and effective SEO solutions including a full SEO technical audit, deep keyword analysis, backlink audit and thorough competitor analysis. This will allow our team of Shopify SEO experts to get to know all your keywords and competitors before beginning to create a winning results-driven SEO strategy.

Our Shopify SEO services enable us to analyse your current store performance before delivering recommendations both on-site and off-site. Our Shopify SEO techniques are the best in the world for identifying opportunities for your online Shopify business to grow. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help increase your Google rankings and drive traffic more targeted traffic and sales to your Shopify store.

Create a Winning SEO Strategy

  • We analyse 100’s factors impacting your organic visibility
  • Uncover how your competitors achieve high Google rankings
  • Highlight the technical issues affecting your search visibility
  • Understand your backlink profile & remove toxic links
  • On-page optimisation of home, collection, product & landing pages
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Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competitors lies at the heart of SEO competitor analysis. It is important to have a deep understanding of what makes your competition successful or unsuccessful, as this data can help us to develop an effective SEO strategy that will help you get the most out of your SEO investment.

Knowing well-researched SEO ranking factors and how they fit into your SEO competitor analysis is essential to give you a competitive advantage. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your opposition is key in any online marketing effort, so taking time to analyse their SEO strategies individually can give you valuable insights that will help determine your SEO strategy and allow you to better stand out amongst your competitors.

Uncover Your Competitor's Strategy

  • Get insights into what makes your competitor successful
  • See exactly how well your competition is doing in the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Discover new ranking factors that you may not have considered before
  • Understand your competitor’s SEO strategies
  • Know which ranking factors will give you a competitive advantage
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Keyword Research

Effective Shopify SEO keyword research is an essential part of the SEO strategy. It enables our team of Shopify SEO experts to find phrases and search terms with high search volume and intent that people are likely to use in Google whilst shopping, aiding website visibility and maximising target audience reach.

For Shopify retailers, conducting Shopify SEO keyword research increases the likelihood of creating strong content that resonates with potential customers. Our Shopify SEO experts carry out in-depth keyword research to help uncover optimisation opportunities that will boost traffic, conversion rate and ecommerce sales. As such, this type of research should be a key part of any Shopify retailer’s digital marketing strategy and carried out by an experienced SEO agency.

Deep SEO Keyword Research

  • High-targeted search volume keywords
  • Identify product & category related keywords
  • Find the right keywords with intent
  • See keyword trends & patterns
  • Understand your competitor’s best keywords
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Technical SEO

Having a technical SEO audit performed on your website is an essential part of ensuring its successful online presence. An audit, carried out by Shopify experts can help identify SEO issues and areas where technical improvements could be made to boost rankings and make sure Shopify store’s content is optimised for the best performance on all devices.

A technical SEO audit service can provide invaluable insight, enabling us to build a framework for long-term success both technically and strategically. With so much riding on the technical aspects of SEO, businesses need to prioritise having technical audits completed by Shopify professionals experienced in doing so. Investing in a technical SEO audit service can have far-reaching benefits and will undoubtedly pay dividends every time a customer finds you through search engine results.

Full Technical SEO Audit & Analysis

  • Ensure search engines crawl & index the correct pages
  • Deep analysis of internal & external links
  • Find your duplicate and non-optimised meta titles & descriptions
  • Understand your web vitals to improve your page speed
  • Identify all technical factors impacting your search engine rankings
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On-page SEO Optimisation

We carry out deep analysis of your Shopify pages including your home, collection and product pages and optimise them to ensure they can rank well within Google’s search results pages whilst also improving conversion rate and online sales.

In order to ensure your website stands out on online searches and brings in more customers, on-page optimisation is essential. It involves tailoring your website content for search engine indexing and making sure the pages are structured appropriately. This includes using targeted keywords on your collection and product pages, creating unique meta titles and descriptions, ensuring URLs are crawler-friendly, paginating large pieces of content, optimising images, internal and external links, and providing high-quality content that engages visitors.

Optimise Pages for Search Engines

  • Create unique meta titles & descriptions
  • Analyse and optimise page content
  • Compress and optimise your images
  • Optimise image names & ALT tags
  • Improve internal links and crawlability
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Content Marketing and Backlink Outreach

SEO backlink outreach is an important and effective strategy for Shopify stores to improve their SEO success and Google search engine rankings. By reaching out to carefully selected websites and blogs with high domain authority and relevance, ecommerce stores gain SEO-friendly backlinks that increase their web ranking within Google’s search results pages.

Backlink outreach, otherwise known as link building or content marketing can ensure that you’re seen more frequently by potential customers, in turn providing you with increased opportunities of expanding your online presence, sales and overall growth. Quality backlink outreach requires strategic planning and essential resources to generate the correct amount of valuable links – making it clear why turning to a professional Shopify SEO agency is the way forward for Shopify SEO services.

Backlink Audit & Google-friendly Link Outreach

  • Full backlink audit to identify good & toxic backlinks
  • Analyse backlinking domains for relevancy
  • Remove or disavow any toxic backlinks
  • Identify new and lost backlinks
  • Create Google friendly link building strategies
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SEO Reports

Our commitment to your success includes regular check-ins on the status of your SEO campaign, with detailed monthly reports that are tailored specifically to you. We speak in plain language so you can always be up-to-date and informed!

Our transparent SEO reports offer clients a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of their website search engine optimisation efforts. By analysing Google Analytics and various metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, link profiles and more, clients are able to better understand their current performance and we develop informed strategies for improvement.

Monthly SEO Reports Include:

  • Full SEO technical audit to uncover any new issues
  • Backlink audit to identify new, lost and toxic backlinks
  • Rank tracking to show the progress of your Google rankings
  • Clear reporting of the SEO work carried out
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Shopify SEO FAQ's

Why is SEO important for a Shopify store?

SEO can be the difference-maker for Shopify eCommerce businesses. With its organic approach, search engine optimisation gives you a competitive edge in your field by increasing visibility on search engine result pages and ultimately improving click-through rates that lead to increased sales revenue.

What is the cost of your SEO Service?

At Deploy eCommerce, we understand every SEO campaign is unique and tailored to your individual goals. That’s why we customise quotes for each job that reflects the effort required from our team to deliver maximum results – so talk to us today about what you need! We’re confident together, and with a little bit of collaboration on both sides, great things are bound to happen.

What is a conversion rate & why is it important?

A conversion rate is a critical benchmark of success for ecommerce stores that shows whether customers are engaging with your website. It’s the percentage of users who take action, typically a Shopify store uses online sales, and monitoring it lets you measure progress against your SEO strategy to make sure business objectives are being met.

Is Shopify a good platform for SEO?

For businesses looking for an all-in-one eCommerce platform that offers robust tools, Shopify is a great choice. It provides companies with an array of features for optimising their visibility on search engines, including options for customising page titles, meta descriptions and URLs to make their content more discoverable, as well as integration with Google Ads which makes it easier to launch ad campaigns.

Additionally, Shopify’s recently released ‘Structured Data’ feature allows merchants to easily implement schema markup in their stores by adding blocks of code, resulting in search engine results that are more informative and stand out from the competition. All in all, Shopify is a great option for businesses looking to maximise both website performance and organic search engine traffic.

What is the best Shopify app for SEO?

If you’re looking for an app to help boost your site’s SEO, then look no further than the comprehensive options like SEO Manager. If images are a key component of what you offer, TinyIMG is also worth exploring as well. But bear in mind that too many apps can slow down your page-load speed – something which negatively impacts search engine ranking algorithms! For those with highly competitive markets where success isn’t guaranteed by any app; a specialist Shopify SEO expert will be required to develop tailored strategies involving optimised technical elements combined with effective asset utilisation across marketing channels such as social media opportunities.

Other Services

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Shopify Web Design

The front end of your Shopify store needs to be an exceptional user experience, with useful features and functions that make the customer’s experience smooth, quick, logical and emotive. We help you use the Shopify platform to the best effect.

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Shopify Migration

Making the move to Shopify can be a catalyst for some seriously impressive results. You can improve all of your key metrics, but you also need an agency that can put vast migration expertise to good use and manage the process professionally.

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Shopify Integration

eCommerce business will rely upon a number of key technologies to be at its best. We know how important this is and put a heavy focus on streamlined and advanced integrations to drive efficiency, error-free data flow consistent and fluid functionality.

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We’ve worked with Deploy for over 7 years now and this is the 2nd major website development project we’ve worked on together. Once again, it was well-managed, communication was great throughout and we Deploy have played a major role in suggestions for improvement across the site. We’re already seeing the positive impact to key metrics so overall we’re really happy.

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