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‘If you build it, they will come’ May by true in the film Field of Dreams. Sadly not so relevant for ecommerce stores. So, you need to take action with an ecommerce SEO strategy that drives visibility to new customers and maintains your visibility to existing customers, stopping the competition from eating into your market share. And there is always, always competition. 

We work with national brands, large ecommerce retailers and independent stores, in B2C, B2B and B2B2C, expertly implementing campaigns that move key visibility metrics to previously unseen levels.

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How we approach eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO Audit

The foundations of a successful Ecommerce SEO strategy start with a full audit. Using industry leading tools and over 15 years experience, we carry out a technical analysis of your store to understand its suitability to deliver against your commercial goals.

Ecommere SEO Strategy

Following technical audit, keyword & competitor analysis we’re able to form a total strategy that covers action point for site and page structure, urls, images and content so they are primed to support a successful campaign. And importantly, highlight a relevant keyword strategy based on your competitive landscape to gain quick wins whilst long term progress is being made – All with maximim progress at the heart of the campaign.

Product Page Optimisation

Often the page in an Ecommerce store that brings visitor with the most buyer intent, it’s key to ensure these pages drive traffic, but they also convert. Working in tandem with UX/CRO, we ensure your content plays its part in the gaining traffic, and site visits directly from product pages maximise the chances of ending in purchase.

Rank Tracking

Using a suite of professional tools, we constantly track ranking, benchmark against the competition, allowing us a clear view of where to dial activity up and down to gain the traction that will make the most sense.

Competitor Analysis

We research your current rankings, traffic sources and backlinks and compare this against your competitors. This is vital to our ability to make informed suggestions, spot opportunities and understand where best value and return on investment can be acheived.

Category Page Optimisation

Category Pages are hugely important in an Ecommerce SEO campaign, capable to driving huge visitors numbers and be a key entry point to your store. So we focus heavily on these pages, not only to ensure you earn authority and gain traffic, but to also to engage the user and promote the natural next steps in the purchase journey

Link Building

Building links is a critical element of a successful SEO strategy, ensuring desirable, valuable content is produced and yields natural backlinks. Our team can work flexibly with you to create this and use it intelligently to promote key pages within your store.

SEO Monthly Reporting

We produce thorough reports on a monthly basis, and your account manager will liaise with you so activity is kept transparent and communicated well. With such a variety of data sets to report on, we work with you so your reports are unique to you and appropriate to allow you to reports back to the business on progress.

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We can help you gain organic traffic that leads to exceptional results:

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Visits are vanity, conversions are sanity

The old saying ‘Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’ could be tweaked for SEO – Visits are vanity, conversions are sanity. The big results typically come when Ecommerce SEO is part of a coordinated strategy, to maximise conversions (CRO), order values, order frequencies and customer LTV, from those hard-earned visits. 

We coordinate those key activities to make sure your SEO investment ultimately leads to significant growth in sales and profit. Because, we know that whilst you want visibility, what clients most often want is what that visibility leads to.

So we prefer muted celebration when we acheive visibility gains in isolation. Its a great indicator that we’re doing the rightthings, but we put the champagne on ice until the that traffic starts positively impacting the bottom line. 

Delivering technical SEO needs a level of competence with the underpinning platform. Working at a deep level with the two most popular ecommerce platforms means we deliver a comprehensive service to you. One point of contact, with Development, UX and SEO teams pulling in the same direction, under the same roof.

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What our clients say
about our work.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the guys at Deploy. When we asked them to take over, they made that happen quickly and effectively. Communication was superb throughout. A real breath of fresh air. We’ve got real confidence in where they can help us take our online presence. That’s something we’re already working on and we’re looking forward to implementing some fantastic ideas so our customers can get an even better online experience.

Matt Barker

Marketing Manager

I’ve worked closely with the Deploy team for a number of years now and we’ve had some pretty ambitious targets to drive towards along the way. I’m pleased to say that we’ve regularly exceeded our performance targets, and Deploy have played their part in us hitting those targets. We’ve got a great working relationship with a long term road map to work to together. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with them.

Andy Coulter


We’ve worked with Deploy for over 7 years now and this is the 2nd major website development project we’ve worked on together. Once again, it was well-managed, communication was great throughout and we Deploy have played a major role in suggestions for improvement across the site. We’re already seeing the positive impact to key metrics so overall we’re really happy.

Ben McFarlane

Head of Sales & Marketing

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