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Unfortunately, not all projects go as well as expected. For many different reasons, you could be faced with the realisation that the current arrangement just simply isn't working and continuing with it represents a real risk. You'll be pleased to know it doesn't have to end badly.

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Tactful Takeover

We understand that instructing a new partner on an existing project is potentially a very tricky decision to make. But for many reasons, it can be the right call to allow the business to bring the project back on track, minimise negative impact or mitigate risk.

Sometimes the project just isn’t moving at the agreed pace and deadlines are already behind or are in danger of slipping. Or you may have doubts about technical or creative competence for the project.

Whatever the reason, we appreciate the sensitivity when you need to consider your options and you can be assured that we conduct all conversations with complete confidentiality (and under NDA where appropriate).

Magento Rescue Projects

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Back on Track

In order to complete a Magento project professionally, it requires a multi-disciplined team to work together to deliver.  Notably, senior developers who can manage the development team effectively and be an escalation path is a must. As is a solid project management and communication team. If any of the key personnel are missing it can really make progress painful and worst still, grind to a halt.

Unfortunately, this has been the case for some businesses but thankfully we are experienced at tactfully taking over Magento 2 projects at varying stages and carefully managed the process to completion.

Most often, our approach would follow:

  • Revisit the fundamental project goals and tasks.
  • A progression audit, to understand how much work has been done and what is yet to be completed.
  • Code quality audit, we often find projects go wrong because there is technical expertise.
  • Extensive testing
  • Go Live.

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We’re always happy to talk confidentially, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for an open discussion. If we can give helpful advice we will and we’re happy to go one stage further and see your project through to successful conclusion.

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Call us: +44 (0)1782 479 363