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Migrating your ecommerce store is a decision never taken lightly. There’s a lot to consider, and if you’re an established ecommerce business, there’s a lot riding on a seamless transition from one platform to another. 

There are lots of reasons to migrate to Shopify and it could very well be a great choice for you. At Deploy, we have vast experience with a wide variety of platforms, including Magento, Woo Commerce and Big Commerce in particular, and over a decade of experience in migrating businesses from platform to platform. We mitigate the risk with a thorough migration process and remain vigilant to spot and address curveballs from project kick-off through to post-launch.

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How we approach Shopify Design & Development

Migrating From Magento

10 years + experience with the Magento platform places us perfectly to handle the migration to Shopify from Magento, especially when it comes to migrating data, which is always a core consideration. Further to that, there will naturally be points of difference between an open code platform and a SaaS solution, so we map the key features and functions at a technical level, and advise how best to maintain the functionality that is critical to retaining a positive user experience and minimising disruption.

Migrating From Big Commerce

A rival Saas solution, Big Commerce and Shopify share similarities whilst having a number of key differences. Those elements can be pivotal to companies who have their own unique setup, and when businesses go through changes, it could mean that Big Commerce doesn’t represent the ideal fit anymore, with Shopify’s features functions and processes representing a better fit.

Migrating From Woo Commerce.

Woo Commerce has an extremely large customer base, due in no small part to its natural fit for Wordpress customers of which their of huge numbers.  Whilst a very respectable solution, there are numerous reasons we’ve experienced as to why a SaaS solution like Shopify fits the scope of advanced requirements better for customers that are looking to move into the next phase of progress in their ecommerce journey.

Migrating From Proprietary Solutions

For many reasons, a purpose built solution can be in place, sometimes. Proprietary solutions are often systems that have been in place for some time, as some form of platform is the much more popular choice nowadays. Deploy can help you maintain key features and take advantage of the benefits platforms represent.

Migrate to Shopify & Unlock your Ecommerce Potential.

We’d love to talk to you about your ecommerce needs going forward, and whether Shopify could be the key to unlocking your potential.
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For many businesses, migrating to Shopify can be a gamechanger. The platform brings a wealth of functionality, either natively within the platform, or within easy reach via a strong collection of trusted apps. This can be a new experience for some businesses who have struggled with a more complex environment and some of the challenges that can bring. 

At Deploy, we know how to manage a Shopify project to a successful conclusion, taking into consideration your unique commercial circumstances. Our diligent approach to a Shopify Migration project management, platform knowledge and vast ecommerce experience means we’re adept at ensuring you maintain the key functionality and build upon it. So your customer experience is upgraded and your ability to manage and evolve it is strengthened. 

Another key focus in any Shopify Migration is to ensure that the mix between self sufficiency and 3rd part support is achieved, allowing you to focus on the right things and maximise your own time management.

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What our clients say
about our work.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the guys at Deploy. When we asked them to take over, they made that happen quickly and effectively. Communication was superb throughout. A real breath of fresh air. We’ve got real confidence in where they can help us take our online presence. That’s something we’re already working on and we’re looking forward to implementing some fantastic ideas so our customers can get an even better online experience.

Matt Barker

Marketing Manager

I’ve worked closely with the Deploy team for a number of years now and we’ve had some pretty ambitious targets to drive towards along the way. I’m pleased to say that we’ve regularly exceeded our performance targets, and Deploy have played their part in us hitting those targets. We’ve got a great working relationship with a long term road map to work to together. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with them.

Andy Coulter


We’ve worked with Deploy for over 7 years now and this is the 2nd major website development project we’ve worked on together. Once again, it was well-managed, communication was great throughout and we Deploy have played a major role in suggestions for improvement across the site. We’re already seeing the positive impact to key metrics so overall we’re really happy.

Ben McFarlane

Head of Sales & Marketing

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We’d love to talk to you about your ecommerce needs going forward, and whether Shopify could be the key to unlocking your potential.

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