Magento Commerce 2.3.5

Magento 2.3.5 is now released and we wanted to give you a quick rundown of the improvements that have been brought to you. Here’s a quick rundown, the full release notes can be seen at adobe commerce.

Product Recomendations

Adobe has rolled out its first AI driven feature to the platform. Allowing merchants to benefit from intelligent product recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei.  An AI driven feature embedded directly into Magento Commerce to deliver relevant product recommendations to each individual shopper.

Benefits over traditional related products

Currently, as a merchant, there are two ways to create related products:

  • Manually assigning products individually.
  • Rule-based recommendations, e.g. show products within category X. (Commerce Only)

Now with this addition, merchants can opt to have these products driven via Sensei. See the different types of recommendations below.

  • Recommended for you
  • Most viewed
  • Most purchased
  • Most added to cart
  • Viewed this, viewed that
  • Viewed this, bought that
  • Bought this, bought that
  • More like this
  • Trending

These recommendations can be added to:

  • Home Page
  • Category
  • Cart
  • Confirmation
  • Any page with the Page Builder.

Pricing and Availability

This is a Commerce only feature and is not available on the open-source platform. This is free for all Commerce merchants that are using Magento 2.3 and higher.

Can be downloaded from the Magento Marketplace, released April 14th, 2020.

Page Builder

New features have been brought into the already great tool.

A much-needed feature of templating has been incorporated, allowing merchants to build pages, save them as templates and reuse them with ease. Creating landing pages and engaging content has been massively streamlined.

Video backgrounds are now possible. We all know video is a great way to engage, within the page builder merchants can now add videos to the following elements.

  • Rows
  • Banners
  • Sliders

Rows, Banners, and sliders also have full-height capabilities.

Security Enhancments

Over 25 security enhancements that help close remote code execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

In addition to the security fixes applied there have also been security enhancements applied, they include:

  • Implementation of CSP
  • Removal of Session ID’s from the URL


Catalog Price Indexation for bundled products has been improved.

Catalog Product Rule Indexer has been improved.

Redis optimizations, helping to reduce the number of queries made to Redis with each Magento request. Helping to reduce the CPU consumption of Redis and a eduction in the race conditions for write operations.

Platform Quality

Support for Elasticsearch 7.x.

Deprecation of core integration of third-party payment methods

Migration of dependencies on Zend Framework to the Laminas project.

PWA Studio 6.0.0

Google shopping ads deprecated

Thanks for reading

I hope you have found the post useful, there is a list of the major updates, to read about them all full please head over to Magento release notes.

If you want to know more or need any help please get in touch.

Nathan Chick
Nathan Chick
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