Agency Relationships

There are so many elements that contribute to running a great eCommerce store. It’s a moving target with so many aspects in constant flux. One thing that can be absolutely pivotal is the support you receive from your agency in helping you drive forward.

Business relationships are also something that constantly evolve too. Some stand the test of time extremely well and even get better with age. For an agency, having a deep level of knowledge of their clients, how they like to work, their industry, competitors etc.. is a huge plus.

But sometimes, that evolution isn’t always a positive one. And it can lead to questions over the ultimate viability of the relationship.

Has your business changed? 

It’s not uncommon for an agency to consistently offer the same core skills and capabilities as time passes. The only challenge is, as your business changes, the fit isn’t as ideal as it initially was. You may need to accelerate through the workload quicker than you used to, which simply can’t be accommodated at the pace you need. You may scale back and subsequently feel you don’t have the same profile anymore.

Has the agency changed? 

Agencies also change. They experienced growth, win new relationships and find old relationships aren’t the same fit for them anymore. They may have changed fundamental principles about how they deliver support or manage projects that don’t quite fit your preferences any more. Most agencies, in our experience, are professionally-run, ethical businesses and when they see the fit isn’t working for them, will highlight that to their clients. But sometimes a client may feel that a little sooner than the agency does.

Personnel Change? 

People are key to great relationships. Unfortunately, people move on, into new roles or with new companies. When that happens, it leaves the relationship in a delicate spot. Sometimes it’s actually a positive, and the relationship gathers strength. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.


It’s not unusual for attention to be high at the start of a working relationship, and without any malice, that attention wanes as familiarity sets in. As a result, the levels of attention dips and so does a number of key elements that made the relationship work.


One thing we know is that clients love great communication. It’s often the heartbeat of a working relationship. And putting enough focus on good communication is something we know can be a catalyst for outstanding long term relationships. The opposite is also true, and poor communication can leave a business feeling exposed and in the dark.


It seems obvious to state, but competence is clearly an underpinning factor in a working relationship. Sometimes, things go wrong and the most competent, communicative and organised agency can experience a curveball. Most clients appreciate this work together when this happens. But persistent occurrences can lead to serious questions over competence. If you feel that anything jeopardizes your project, then head over to view our rescue page here.

Project Management 

Do your projects hit deadlines as expected.

Inherited Relationship 

Have you inherited a working relationship, and for any reason, just feel that everyone would benefit from a change? This is a common scenario and can take elements from all of the above as justification for a fresh start.

If you feel it’s time to consider moving agency, Deploy can draw upon 10 years of experience keeping the process of change efficient, headache-free and positive meaning you can get back to making progress quickly.

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Grant Woolley
Grant Woolley
Grant has been living and breathing eCommerce for the last 12 years building a wealth of knowledge. He is the main voice for Deploy, and you will often bump into him at eCommerce events around the UK. If you see him, grab him, he's always free for a chat.